Mouthguard FAQ’s

Q: Why can’t I just get a mouthguard at the sporting goods store?

A: While any mouthguard is better than none, very few stock guards actually fit.  These loose guards can fall out during contact and fail to protect at all.  

Q: What about the “boil and bite” guard?  

A: We hate to answer with a question but have to ask, can you drink boiling water?  The temperature to accurately fit the guard is just too hot to do in the mouth.

Q: My child is missing teeth and has a few loose ones.  Is a custom mouthguard appropriate?

A: Before fabricating the mouthguard we will carefully assess the growth that is occurring in the mouth.  We will block out space on the model using a special compound that will leave space in the mouthguard for teeth  that are in transition.

Q: What about braces?

A: All the more reason for a custom mouthguard.  Store bought mouthguards that are designed for braces are very bulky and uncomfortable.  We create space in the mouthguard so that it will not interfere with or damage braces.  When the mouthguard becomes tight or difficult to get off or on it means that it needs to be adjusted or that a new one is required.

Q: How are custom mouthguards made?

A: A dental impression is taken and a model of the teeth is prepared.  The model is used to vacuum form a sheet of laminated material over the teeth creating a custom fit.  The material is trimmed creating a comfortable, secure mouthguard.

Q: Can you talk while wearing a custom mouthguard?

A: We wouldn’t recommend singing opera, but shouting “pass the puck!” or grunting in the huddle should be no problem!

Q: How much will the mouthguard cost?

A: The cost for one mouthguard is $45, case included.  The same person can request 2 for $75.

Q: How can I get a mouthguard from OnGuard! Custom Mouthguards?

A: Click on our “Upcoming Clinics” tab to find a clinic scheduled in your area.  Get a group of 15 people together and we will come to you.  You can also schedule an appointment at our Mississauga or Hamilton locations.